As in each year since 2012, Neotiss presented the trends in the industrial markets at the Titanium Europe 2018 Conference, which has been held this year in Sevilla from May 14th to 16th. Once again this year, at the initiative of the major International Titanium Association (ITA), hundreds of key titanium players were assembled for the most important meeting in Europe about Titanium.

During the General Session, Albert Bruneau presented the key drivers of titanium consumption in the industrial markets and has given an estimate of the evolution of the consumption of titanium in the coming years.

With its strong presence in 5 countries and over 40 years of experience on three major end markets (Power Generation, Desalination, Process), Neotiss has a profound knowledge of the trends of titanium usage by these complex markets.

Albert Bruneau election to the Board of Directors of the ITA has been announced on this occasion. This will be a unique opportunity for Albert Bruneau to continue to promote the usage of Titanium for industrial markets in parallel to the growing aerospace and military applications.

Thanks to everyone for participating to this event and see you next year!

 President of Neotiss has spoken during the Titanium Europe 2018 conference





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